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Corporate Programs


Studies have shown that an increasing number of employees are becoming caregivers for aging parents, relatives or friends. As a result, many find it necessary to shift their arrival and departure times from work or even to take time off to accompany their loved one to medical appointments or deal with family emergencies. Employees who live a distance from the relative they are caring for are more likely to miss workdays as a result of caregiving. The combined stress of caring for someone and the risk of losing a job can be overwhelming. It is imperative to find a solution.


We will structure a program to meet your employee’s needs.  We offer:


  • Informational programs on elder services and support systems in the community to help employees find excellent resources. These programs have been found to result in reduced absenteeism and stress.

  • Helm Care Management assessments can be provided for employees’ parents and billed to the corporate entity or the Employee Assistance Program.

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