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Travel by Helm 

  • Are you looking to travel, but are finding it difficult to do alone?

  • Are you a family member who wishes to have a loved one visit or move closer, but don't know where to start?

  • Do you have a special occasion you would like to attend out of town?

  • Is the thought of traveling with medical equipment overwhelming?


At Helm, we are here to help you take control of the logistics of traveling as a senior and coordinate all aspects that have become more difficult. Helm partners with licensed therapists to provide personalized assistance by escorting the senior, managing medical equipment, and reducing fall risk during travel. Each client receives travel and logistics planning, companionship and assistance during travel, healthcare equipment oversight and fall risk management. A personalized travel plan is provided and can include one-way or round-trip travel, overnight and multi-day trips as well as special event companionship.

We offer travel solutions and experience.

Helm offers a FREE 20-minute consultation to talk through your individual situation and explain our services. Following the consultation an assessment can be scheduled to build a customized plan to address all of the client's needs.

Click on the links below or scroll down the page to learn more details about the following services that we provide:

Independent Assessment

Travel by Helm Assessment


Everyone has different needs, which is why we meet with each client to identify these unique needs and to determine how we can help. We will meet you wherever it’s convenient for you, and work together to complete a comprehensive assessment that will include a review of:​

  • Health History

  • Medical Equipment Needs

  • Special Travel Needs

  • Travel Plans & Logistics

  • Referrals to Preferred Providers


Once we establish where you could use some help, we will make recommendations and created a travel plan that includes the approximate cost of our services. We can implement the travel plan and coordinate, communicate and modify the plan as needed throughout the process. 

Life Plan

Travel Plan


Helm will develop and provide a plan that allows maximum independence while giving you the help to travel gracefully. The services that we can coordinate, manage, oversee or provide include:​

  • Research of Travel Options

  • Provide Logistic Solutions for Travel

  • Companionship & Assistance while Traveling by a licensed therapist

  • Fall Risk Management during Travel 

  • Ongoing & Consistent Communication

  • Companionship during Special Events

  • Peace of Mind

We can help with much more—just ask!

Life Support

Determining Travel Needs


Not sure if you need any travel assistance? Helm can talk through your options and determine if you can benefit from any of our services. 

Healthcare Needs


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