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Technology with a Personal Touch

At Helm, we recognize that senior care is evolving and believe that the way services are coordinated and communicated is of utmost importance. With that in mind, we have partnered with the iCarenetwork to provide transformative technology that compiles senior care information throughout the care journey. 

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The iCarenetwork technology platform provides us—and our clients—with a number of value-added benefits:


Facilitates Connection to the Right Health Care Services
  • Helm can identify and request services covered by Medicare

  • Referrals can be made to preferred health care providers for the best preventative care services

  • Customized Consulting Access


Provides Virtual Resources to Families and Providers
  • Virtual CDC Screenings

  • Provides Preventive Care Management and Oversight (Incidents, Falls, Medications, Annual Medicare Services, Referrals)

  • Automates Notification and Reporting

  • Educational Library and Resource Access


Enables Engagement with Care Teams to Improve Quality of Life
  • Offers Intuitive Technology and Design

  • Provides Secure Data Access for Care Teams (Resident, Family, Caregivers, Health Care Providers)

  • Delivers Care Management Insights (Analytics, Reports, Dashboards)



The technology aligns and integrates seniors’ care needs to help avoid preventable emergencies and to make a meaningful impact as they age in place.

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